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Get Amongst It Excavation has a professional fleet and an experienced team servicing the Hunter Valley and surrounding areas, including further locations when required.

We offer a well maintained fleet, with our on-site diesel mechanic and experienced operators, giving you a high standard of “Get Amongst It” attitude-filled work ethic. We also pride ourselves on our “Safety Never Takes a Holiday” motto.

Our clients range widely from small residential such as a one hole auger job, to rural clearing and dam construction, to site preparation work for service stations and apartment buildings. Call us for:

  • Landscaping
  • Clearing
  • Water Catchment
  • Driveways
  • Site Levelling
  • House and Shed Foundations
  • And much more…
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Rural
  • Sub-Contracting
  • All applications of trenching
Equipment List

*All prices exclude GST

  • 6.5t Hitachi Excavator
    ◦Power Tilt
    ◦300mm GP Bucket
    ◦450mm GP Bucket
    ◦600mm GP Bucket
    ◦1200mm Mud Bucket
    ◦300mm Auger
    ◦450mm Auger
    ◦600mm Auger
    ◦Rock Hammer 
  • 5t Hitachi Excavator
       ◦ 300mm GP Bucket
       ◦ 450mm GP Bucket
       ◦ 1200mm Mud Bucket
       ◦ 300mm Auger 
       ◦ 450mm Auger 
       ◦ 600mm Auger 
       ◦ Ripper
       ◦ Rock Hammer
  • ASV RC-50 Posi-Track
       ◦ 4 in 1 Bucket
       ◦ Levelling Bar
       ◦ Pallet Forks
       ◦ 8t Tip Truck
       ◦ 12t Tip Truck
       ◦ Tri-Axle Tag Trailer POA
       ◦ Any Extra Plant Hire POA

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